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Australian Police Reportedly Failed To Take Action Until Domestic Violence Pictures Went Viral (Photos)

WARNING: Some of the following images contain graphic content.

Police in New South Wales, Australia, are receiving heavy criticism following reports of inaction after a young woman was allegedly badly beaten by her boyfriend.

Images of 19-year-old Ashlee Savins have gone viral after she was reportedly punched twice in the face on Dec. 13 by her boyfriend, Justin Toro, with whom Savins has had an on-and-off relationship for three years. The photos show the lower half of the young woman’s face covered with blood, with a chipped tooth, and a broken nose.

"I was bleeding everywhere," Savins told Fairfax Media. "I went into my housemate's room and told her what happened and we called the police."

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“She was crying and she knocked on my door so I turned the light on and she was covered in blood,” Ellie Sutton, Savins’ roommate, told “She said she had been punched.”

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Sutton shared the photos on the St. Mary’s Police Station Facebook page, as she was disgusted by a reported lack of action by police. Because Toro and Savins gave different accounts of the incident to authorities, the police reportedly said there was nothing that could be done.

Furthermore, Toro asked Savins to keep quiet about the alleged attack via Facebook’s private messaging service.

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“Despite calling you the night of the attack, making statements and the medical reports on top of his messages admitting his guilt she has been told nothing can be done because nobody witnessed it,” Sutton wrote on the Facebook page, according to Fairfax Media.

The police department's Facebook page has since been flooded with negative comments and one-star reviews. 

“Not recommended if you are a victim of domestic violence - apparently police at this particular station will dismiss your graphic injuries and let the offender go without charge,” wrote another woman.

Although dentists provided the police officers with medical reports explaining that Savins’s injuries could not have resulted from a fall, the 19-year-old believes police only started to take action once they received complaints from the public.

"I'm very disappointed I can't rely on the people who are there to protect us," Savins told Fairfax Media. "If you can't rely on the police, who else can you rely on?"

She says she is glad to have received so much support after her roommate took the matter to social media. 

"It's really nice to know I'm not alone," she said.

Sources: St. Mary's Police Station on Facebook,, Fairfax Media / Photo credit: Yahoo

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