Woman Receives Surprising Note After Suffering A Loss (Photo)


A trainee paramedic left a lasting impression on a local family after he covered the costs of a parking ticket that one woman left in his ambulance.

Marc Primrose, a university student, paid for the ticket without being asked after he found that the daughter of an ambulance patient had forgotten it in the vehicle, according to Metro. The fine was about $129.

Primrose said that he wanted to pay the fine after learning that Rosemary Morgan’s mother Doreen Morgan, a former patient, had died.

“It was my instinct not to just let this go because someone… would have ended up with late fees, and I didn’t want that to happen,” he said.

Primrose sent Rosemary Morgan a note saying that he had paid the ticket.

“I also decided to pay this fine given the difficult time you and your family are goung through,” the note read.

Morgan said that she was touched by the note and wanted to thank Primrose in person, as well as give him recognition for his kind act.

“He takes it all in his stride – he doesn’t think he’s done anything too fantastic but we are the opposite. We think it’s extremely kind,” Morgan said, according to the Daily Mail Australia.

“We wanted him to get some sort of recognition because every time you turn on the TV somebody is ripping somebody off all of the time, and this is just so the opposite.”

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Source: Metro, Daily Mail Australia / Image: Daily Mail Australia


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