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Australian Man Sends Himself From London To Australia In Mail

When Australian man Reg Spiers found himself penniless in London without a flight home, he decided to send himself through the mail in a wooden box.

It was 1964 when the 22-year-old champion javelin thrower found himself in desperate need to return home from London. He had to get back in time to see his wife and attend his daughter’s birthday. To solve his problem, he requested the help of his friend John McSorley.

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Spiers and McSorley decided to build a timber box and send Spiers home via airmail. They labeled the box “plastic emulsion” and sent it from a fake British chemical company to a fake shoe company in Perth, Australia. Because a fictional “Mr. Graham” was listed as the cash on delivery recipient, the money would never be collected and Spiers’ trip would be free.

The box was built to be opened at both ends so Spiers could walk around the cargo of the plane once it was in the air.

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Incredibly, Spiers survived the 63-hour journey across three continents and spending 24 hours delayed in fog. He was dropped from a forklift and almost suffered from dehydration in Bombay, India on the scorching tarmac.

Despite the nightmarish journey, Spiers made it home and went on to live an even more incredible life. He assumed false identities and smuggled narcotics for international drug syndicates, all of which are documented in a book by McSorley’s wife and son called “Out of the Box."

 Sources: DailyMail, BBC News

Photo Credit: BBC News, WikiCommons


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