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Australian Man Narrowly Cheats Death By Oncoming Train (Video)

A man in Brisbane, Australia just barely escaped death after mistakenly walking out in front of an oncoming train.

The 20-year-old was waiting at a train station when he decided to walk to the other side of the street, across the tracks, after a different train had already passed. He was almost on the other side when he noticed the train coming at him, and leaped out of its way just in time.

The man, who is lucky to be alive, seemed to completely miss the warning signs of an approaching train, which included a barrier that went down in front of him, flashing lights, and warning bells.

The incident was caught on film from two different angles, and now the man is being fined over 2,000 Australian dollars.

According to reports, the female driver of the train was traumatized from the incident, even having to take leave from work to recover from what happened.

Scott Emerson, Queensland’s Transport Minister, said in a statement that this should send a clear message to others.

“The message has to get out there,” said Emerson, “that people are playing Russian Roulette with their lives and they will lose."

The train was traveling around 37 mph. The man involved only sustained minor injuries.


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