Australian Man Goes Bankrupt After Spending $200,000 In Fight To Keep Pet Sheep


Love makes people do crazy things. We all know this. These irrational acts of passion aren’t just restricted to love between two humans, either. There are many pet owners in the world who have gone to extreme lengths to show their love for their furry friends. With that said, Australian man Vu Ho is making a strong case to be revered as the most dedicated pet owner of all time.

Ho has spent over $200,000 in his fight to keep his pet sheep Baa. Yes, the sheep's name is Baa.

A 2011 Melbourne ruling made it illegal to keep any livestock on land smaller than a half hectare (roughly one acre.) Ho’s property is considerably smaller than this, so although Baa is more pet than livestock to him, he is not allowed to keep her.

Ho protested in court after being told to get rid of his pet sheep. Each time he was told that the law made it illegal to own Baa, he protested the ruling and took his case to a higher court. Ultimately, he ended up at the Melbourne Supreme Court. (Yes, this is something the high court actually spent their time dealing with.)

This week, the Supreme Court upheld the rulings of the previous courts. Ho will be required once and for all to give up ownership of Baa. But after racking up a $200,000 legal bill, Ho now has some even bigger issues on his plate.

Ho told the court that he is unemployed and broke. If he is required to repay his enormous legal bill, he will file for bankruptcy. That’s some expensive wool, Mr. Ho. 

Sources: The Age, Herald Sun


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