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Great White Shark Fought Off By Australian Man (Video)

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A recently posted YouTube video shows a man fighting off a Great White shark just after he jumped off a cliff at Sydney Harbor in Australia.

In video footage recorded by a GoPro camera, the man can be seen inching around a fence meant to keep people from cliff-diving. He readies himself, then jumps into the water below as his friends root him on.

When the man surfaces, his friends can suddenly be heard panicking and yelling that a shark is approaching. As the man dunks back into the water he comes face-to-face with the terrifying creature. He lets out a scream underwater and surfaces again.

The man attempts to punch and kick at the shark, then frantically swims to the edge of the water and pulls himself onto the rocks.

Some have speculated whether or not the footage is real and credit the images to stock shark video recordings.

Sources: The Inquisitr, Daily Caller


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