Spider Discovered Underneath Man's Skin (Photos)


An Australian man noticed a mysterious mark on his going up from his naval to his chest while on a trip to Bali, and after going to the hospital, he was shocked to discover that a spider had burrowed itself under his skin.

21-year-old Dylan Thomas was on vacation in Bali when he noticed a red trail going from his naval to his chest one morning. By that evening, the trail had increased in size by two or three inches, so he decided to go to see a doctor the next day.

“It was as if someone had scratched me with the tip of a knife,” said Thomas.

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When he went to the doctor, Thomas was informed that he had a small insect bite and was given an antihistamine cream to rub on it. The very next morning, however, Thomas was shocked to discover that the trail had blistered.

“That’s when it became painful, it was a searing burn,” Thomas said.

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He went to a dermatologist that same day and was told that a spider had burrowed itself underneath his skin. Doctors then proceeded to extract the spider, which they say had burrowed itself in a scar he had from a recent appendix removal.

“It was a bit bigger than the size of a match head,” said Thomas of the tropical spider. “It takes a lot to deter me, but I do feel violated. It was a very bizarre experience just to know something like that was in my body for a couple of days.”

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Doctors are now testing the spider to determine the exact type.

Sources: Daily Mail, NT News


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