Australian Man Banned From Gym Chain After Mocking Members on Facebook


An Australian man was banned from a Queensland gym chain after he mocked other members of the gym on Facebook and was exposed on 4Chan and Reddit.

In his most recent post, the unnamed man posted a photo from his IPad of another man lifting barbell weights. In the caption, he calls the gym member the “amazing chicken man” who is envied by bodybuilders and bulimic teenage girls for his low bodyfat.

Reddit and 4Chan users managed to track down the Australian man’s personal information and spoke with his mother, who then contacted the gym to notify the owner of the photos.

According to Facebook screenshots, the young man’s mother has also cut him off financially.

The gym owner called the harasser personally and banned him from the premises and the rest of the chain. He went as far as to call the young man “a piece of s**t”.

In response to the phone call, the young man vented about his banishment from the gym.

“I have this nagging voice saying 'toughen the f**k up' because I get called being fat on a daily basis,” the man wrote, responding to the gym owner’s concern over the pictures’ effects on members.

While the man eventually confessed to having offended some of the gym members, he asserted that a picture of himself on the Internet would have faced the same amount of criticism.

“For some reason people think fat people sweating their a**es off running on a treadmill is hilarious,” he wrote, “but if you pick on a skinny dude for lack of weights, it’s a godd**n hate crime.”

Sources: Inquisitir, The Daily Dot


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