Australian Friends Claim To Have 'World's Oldest Burger'


Two friends in Australia claim to have the world’s oldest burger.

In 1995, Adelaide natives Casey Dean and Eduard Nitz were 14 and 13 years old, respectively, when they took a trip to McDonald’s. They ordered a quarter pounder with cheese for another friend, but that friend failed to show up and claim his sandwich. The teens never ate their friend’s burger, and 20 years later it remains in their possession, entirely untouched.

“We’re pretty sure it’s the oldest burger in the world,” Dean said. “It started off as a joke, you know we told our friend we’d hold his burger for him but he never turned up and before we knew it six months had passed. The months became years and now, 20 years later, it looks the same as it did the day we bought it, perfectly preserved in its original wrapping.”

Source: News.com.au / Photo Credit: Screen Capture via Live Australia


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