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Australian Drunk Dad Uses 7-Year-Old Son as Designated Driver

Police in Brisbane, Australia, pulled over a car at about 3 a.m. on Friday that failed to turn on its headlights while shooting down the Gold Coast.

A drunk man, 41, rode in the back seat while his son, 7, was in the driver’s seat.

The man “has been charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and being an adult in charge under the influence of liquor,” reports MSN News. The boy has been placed under the care of relatives.

Royal Automobile Club Queensland (RACQ) senior road safety adviser, Joel Tucker, expresses his dismay at the situation, saying "children at that age don't have the mental or physical capabilities to drive a car safely ... It is a real concern to hear that children were being put in that position.”

Other authorities also find the situation embarrassing and alarming.

"I shake my head and am shocked by the madness of this," said Transport Minister Scott Emerson.

Tucker adds that "this is a unique case, it's not something we hear about regularly and that's a good thing."

Sources: Bangkok Post, MSN News


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