Australian Couple Charged With Causing Mother To Freeze To Death In Shipping Container

An Australian couple accused of killing an elderly woman by making her live in a shipping container in sub-zero temperatures is facing manslaughter charges.

Mental health worker Michael Anglin, 55, and his wife Jassy, 52, housed 77-year-old Janet Mackozdi, who had the care requirements of a toddler, in the metal cargo holder, the Daily Mail reports.

Forensic tests suggested the temperature inside the container, which was allegedly not sealed properly, would have plummeted to minus 3 degrees Celsius at the time she died in July 2010.

Post-mortem results showed the death probably occurred due to hypothermia.

The Anglins allegedly hatched an elaborate plot three hours after the pensioner did to wash and dress her then drive her to a hospital to try to hide the real cause of death, Cairns Magistrates Court heard Tuesday.

Hospital staff were told the woman, who was Jassy Anglin's birth mother, died when they went on a trip to a national park, the Courier Mail reports.

“It's alleged both defendants concocted a story instead of calling an ambulance,” magistrate Anthony Gett told the court.

The couple, who were living in the Cairns beachside suburb of Yorkeys Knob, will be extradited to Tasmania to face manslaughter charges in Hobart on Friday. Both were denied bail, according to The Mercury.

They will face one count each of failing to provide necessities of life.

The Anglins relocated to Cairns four years ago for lifestyle reasons and not to flee investigations into the death, duty lawyer Jefferson Mobbs told the court.


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