Rapist Wants Ankle Monitor Removed Because It Makes Him Feel Embarrassed

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An Australian convicted rapist sent an appeal to the court asking for the right to take off his ankle bracelet because he said he feels self-conscious while wearing it.

Darren Michael Costello requested that the Queensland Supreme court remove his ankle brace on Dec. 19. The bracelet produces audible beeps and sends his movements to various corrective services staff members.

“I am very uncomfortable by the noise it creates and am paranoid that everyone knows that I have a monitoring device,” Costello said.

Costello received three different “contravention notices,” documents sent by the government to a person who is believed to be violating a law, for removing his ankle monitor or appearing late to meetings with law enforcement in 2012.

He said he thinks his ankle monitor makes it difficult for him to find a stable job because employers do not like to hire people who wear one.

Australian prisons housed roughly 34,000 people in 2014, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Around 12 percent of men serving time in those prisons were convicted of sexual assault.

Costello moved in with his mother, brother and sister after his 2010 release.

He served 13 years for raping a young girl walking home from a skating rink in Inala, a suburb outside of Brisbane. He stalked and attacked the 14-year-old girl while she took a shortcut home.

At the time, he was on parole for attempting to rob a pregnant woman with a baseball bat.

Only days before Costello appeared in court to plea guilty for the rape charge a year later, the young girl killed herself.

The case will be heard when court returns on Feb. 3.

Sources: The Courier Mail, Australian Bureau of Statistics / Photo Credit: The Courier Mail


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