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Austin, Texas Police Defend DUI Arrest of Innocent Black Man (Video)

Police in Austin, Texas are defending the DUI arrest of Larry Davis, a black man, whose Breathalyzer and blood tests showed no evidence of him being drunk.

Davis was arrested Jan. 13, 2013 after he ran a stop sign.

Davis told police that he’d had only one drink and tested 0.00 on a Breathalyzer.

Despite testing negative for DUI, Davis still spent a day in jail.

His blood test results also came back negative, but Davis is still trying to have his arrest record expunged.

Austin Police Cmdr. David Mahoney continues to support the decision to arrest Davis on the possibility that he was drunk, even though he is innocent.

“If there is someone who is possibly impaired, we don’t want them driving,” Cmdr. Mahoney told the Austin Statesman. “We need to get them off the road, so that was probably [the officer’s] mindset.”

In addition to false arrests, the State of Texas tries to scare motorists with billboards warning them that a DUI charge could cost them $17,000, which was debunked by

Still, Davis was charged hundreds of dollars for legal fees, which he could not afford, so that money was paid for by taxpayers.

“I was arrested for nothing, really,” Davis said. “It was suspicion of drunk driving, which I wasn’t so I was surprised and hurt at the same time.”

Sources: and Austin Statesman


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