Austin, Texas Homeowner Shoots Burglar (Video)


Two would-be burglars reportedly tried to break into an Austin, Texas home on Sunday afternoon.

However, they didn't know that the unidentified homeowner was home and armed.

The homeowner shot one of the burglars, noted My Fox Austin (video below).

The unidentified suspect was taken to a local hospital, but there is no word on the second suspect.

The heroic homeowner would not speak to the media, but a neighbor had plenty to say about the neighborhood going down hill.

"I think it's bad because evidently that's why we're moving because it's getting bad, this neighborhood. Three times I found my door open. We left to go shopping and my door is wide open. And I told my wife, I don't know how come it's open," Joe Arias told My Fox Austin.

Source: My Fox Austin


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