Austin Police Officer Suspended for Being Rude to Man Who Turned in Stolen Purse

A police officer in Austin was suspended because he was reportedly “rude” to a man who tried to turn in a stolen purse.

Officer Wallace Johnson, who has been with the Austin Police Department since 1999, is serving a 15-day suspension that will end on September because his alleged “mishandling” of a case, reports KXAN.

On March 20, a man reportedly brought in a purse and Johnson, who was working at the south payment center, accepted it but was reportedly rude to him. The official memo regarding the incident does not specify exactly how Johnson mistreated the man or what was said. The officer then reportedly placed the purse in the bottom drawer of a desk and left it there.

Six days later, another officer allegedly discovered the purse in the drawer and looked inside of it. He found a business card that belonged to the victim of the theft.

Johnson, whose salary in 2013 was $69,850.56, reportedly admitted that he didn’t handle the case properly. He will remain suspended until September 26th.

Source: KXAN

Photo Credit: slgckgc/Flickr, KXAN


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