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Austin Police Chief Upsets Conservatives with 'Gun Enthusiast' Warning (Video)

Larry Steven McQuilliams went on a shooting rampage in Austin, Texas, on Nov. 28 that included a bank, a federal courthouse, a Mexican Consulate and the police station, which resulted in return fire from an officer, killing McQuilliams.

The Southern Poverty Law Center reports that McQuilliams was part of the Phineas Priesthood, a cult that opposes gay people, government taxation and race-mixing.

According to the Austin Chronicle, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo called McQuilliams "a homegrown American extremist" during a press conference on Monday.

However, Chief Acevedo upset many pro-gun folks because of his warnings about "gun enthusiasts" (video below).

“If you know somebody that is acting with a lot of hatred towards any particular group, especially if it’s somebody you know is a gun enthusiast or is armed with these type of firearms and they’re showing any kind of propensity for hatred, it doesn’t mean we’re going to take them to jail, but we might want to vet these people,” said Chief Acevedo.

In response, Glenn Beck’s website The Blaze noted, "But pro-gun advocates — especially any living in Austin — will likely feel uneasy about the police chief linking a disturbed individual like McQuilliams to 'gun enthusiasts' and advising residents to report them as potentially dangerous." ran this headline: “IF YOU KNOW GUN ENTHUSIASTS, TURN THEM IN: Austin Police Chief Says Cops Need To ‘Vet’ Gun Owners.”

The Tea Party News Network went with this alarming headline: “Police Chief: If you know gun enthusiasts, turn them In; police need to ‘Vet’ them.”

The article stated, "Everybody wants to help stop violence and mass killings, but what Acevedo demonstrates is a shocking and anti-American sentiment: Our civil rights are not to blame for violence and we should not feel compelled to inform on our neighbors like a modern day Stasi."

Chief Acevedo has called for universal background checks for gun purchases, which are supported by most NRA members.

Sources: Austin Chronicle, Tea Party News Network,, Southern Poverty Law Center


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