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Aurora Shooter James Holmes Gets Brutal Introduction To Prison Life

Following a fight with a fellow inmate, Aurora, Colorado, shooter James Holmes was moved to an out-of-state maximum security facility -- and his attacker subsequently apologized for not killing him.

Holmes, who sentenced to life in prison for the July 20, 2012, movie theater massacre that killed 12 people and injured 70 more, was transferred out of state in late 2015 after fighting a fellow inmate. A Colorado Department of Corrections spokeswoman confirmed to the Denver Post that Holmes was "not in the state."

According to an ABC News report, the attack was "part of the reason for moving" Holmes, though there were "many concerns" that led to his transfer.

Colorado Prisons Director Steve Hager said Holmes was not supposed to cross paths with any other inmates, but through an accidental oversight by a staffer he came in contact with car thief Mark "Slim" Daniels. Daniels hit Holmes several times around his head through a sliding gate.

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Daniels later sent a letter to Westword, confirming the attack.

"First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest condolences to all the victims and to the families," he wrote.

"I'm so sorry I couldn't wipe him out and sent [sic] him packing to Satan's lake of fire. It was just impossible to do by myself with so many cops. I did get him six or seven good ones and this stupid ass case manager [name deleted] ran out of her office and and put her head in front of Holmes' cause I was about to knock him out. That's why she got socked a few times."

"Once we were on the ground I looked in his eyes and he knew he came close with his demise. He was very scared. I'm so sorry I couldn't finish him for you."

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No criminal charges were filed against Daniels for the incident. He pleaded in his letter for readers to donate money to him so he could purchase a television.

"I also am open for pen pals out there," he wrote. "There's really not too much do in a 7x12 box for the next year so feel free to write."


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