4-Year-Old Girls Are Related, But Aren't Cousins Or Sisters (Photos)

Four-year-old girls Daisy Wilson and Ruby Stephenson may appear to be twins, but these two inseparable best friends are actually aunt and niece.

Alison Wilson, 43, got pregnant around the same time as her 25-year-old daughter Ashley Stephenson, but neither one expected to go into labor on the same day. Well, on April 3, 2010, Wilson gave birth to Daisy, and just three days later, Stephenson gave birth to Ruby. Now, the aunt and niece, who are the same age and are in the same class together at school, are best friends for life.

“The last four years have gone so quickly and before you know it, you are at the school gates,” said Wilson of her daughter and granddaughter.

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Stephenson, who is married, says she is happy that her daughter and sister are so close.

“It is lovely knowing that Daisy and Ruby have somebody they are close to in the same class,” said Stephenson. "They are very close and have always been more like sisters than auntie and niece.”

Wilson went on to have another daughter the year after Daisy was born, and just last year, Stephenson too had another little girl.

“My little girl Heidi will turn three in October and Ashley had her second daughter Darcy in August last year and she has turned one,” Wilson revealed. “All four girls are like sisters and love each other and want to play with each other all the time. It is difficult for people to understand that Daisy and Heidi are Ruby and Darcy's aunties!”

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Stephenson says that she attended the same school that her daughter and her sister are now attending and claims that the teachers are genuinely intrigued by the situation.

“I went to the same school and some of my teachers are still there,” said Stephenson. “No one can get their head round the fact Daisy and Ruby are aunt and niece – they find it mind-boggling!”

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