Audrie Pott’s School District Denies Negligence


The Los Gatos-Saratoga Union High School District is denying charges that administrators were negligent in handling reports of bullying made by deceased teen Audrie Pott. Pott committed suicide after being sexually assaulted at a Labor Day party. The three 16-year-old boys who carried out the act circulated photos of the incident which allegedly led to Pott being bullied.

Pott's parents filed the negligence claim against the school district. According to the Potts’ lawyer, Robert Allard, Audrie reported that she was bullied, but school administrators failed to document it.

Allard claims that school administrators made the "determination shortly after Audrie's passing [on Sept. 12, 2012] that, despite compelling evidence to the contrary, bullying played no role in this tragedy."

The school district released this statement: "Since her death, we have thoroughly examined our counseling records and interviewed our staff to see if there were any warning signs or indications that Audrie was being bullied or harassed at school."

It continues:

"That internal investigation showed that she never reported or sought counseling for bullying before or after the alleged sexual assault. If she had, our staff would have reported it and taken preventative steps to stop it."

Her parents feel differently.

"We had no idea what happened to Audrie until after her memorial service," said the teens stepmother, Lisa Pott. "Once we found out, the three of us [Audrie's parents] started to investigate."

A civil lawsuit against the three unidentified boys seeking damages has also been filed by the Potts, according to ABC News.

"Coming forward and going public has not been an easy thing to do," Lisa Pott said. "It's ripped open wounds and reminds us of everything our family lost. No one should have to lose their daughter in this horrific way."

Sources: ABC News, LA Times


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