Audio: Washington Times Columnist Jeffrey Kuhner Calls LGBT People "Worse Than the Radical Islamists"

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Washington Times columnist Jeffrey Kuhner appeared on the 'Janet Mefferd Radio Show' yesterday and claimed that members of the LGBT community “are even worse than the radical Islamists." 

The conservative advocate added that they were “the most fanatical, hate-filled…and intolerant people I’ve ever met.”

Kuhner said: "As a journalist I write on a wide range of issues, I write on the Communist Chinese, I write on Putin’s regime, I write on brutal dictatorships over the world, the gay, lesbian, transgender community, the LGBT community, is the most intolerant than I have ever witnessed, they are even worse than the radical Islamists. I get death threats, my family is threatened, they call on me to be fired, they want to destroy my career."

"They don’t practice what they preach, they are some of the most fanatical, hate-filled, and I’m choosing my words very carefully, and intolerant people I’ve ever met. I believe that Middle America does not understand the full threat posed by the homosexual agenda and the homosexual lobby."


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