Audio: Sheriff Larry Campbell Offers to Shoot Political Opponents

Sheriff Larry Campbell, of Leon County, Florida, is 69 years old, but still claims to be a good shot.

To prove his skill, Sheriff Campbell offered to do target practice on his political opponents, reports ThinkProgress.org (audio below).

Sheriff Campbell said during a recent public forum: “I’m still out there… I got out with my troops. I go out there and do what needs to be done. I told somebody the other day we have police standards that we have to keep up, that we have to keep our pistol proficiency up. And we have to keep our other police professional standards up. And I had invited the other candidates if they don’t think I can do it, go down and let me shoot at you and see if I can do it any good.”

Campbell's opponent Lisa Sprague told ThinkProgress.org that she would not join Sheriff Campbellat a firing range “unless I can shoot back."


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