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Audio: Sandy Hook Truther James Tracy Explains His Thoughts in Radio Interview

After Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy received criticism for a blog that advanced Sandy Hook conspiracy theories, he kept quiet for awhile. But Tracy spoke up again in a radio interview recently, explaining that "crisis actors" might have been hired to "embellish" the shooting.

According to Salon, the hour-and-20-minute-long interview involved Tracy discussing theories about the Sandy Hook shooting which he also talked about in his original blog post. He also distanced himself from other theories about Sandy Hook, saying that those theories might be the result of someone who is trying to hide the truth. 

When radio host Paul Joseph Watson asked Tracy about the theories he doesn't believe, he said, "I think that there is definitely a program to sow misinformation in the stream of information in order to muddy the waters and in the process discredit the research that independent researchers and the like are putting together in alternative media."

"Because if you can discredit it or muddy the waters to a limited degree in one area, you can paint with a fairly broad brush, the mainstream corporate media can do that.”

Tracy also talked about his skepticism over the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and a terrorist attack in London on July of 2005. He said they were "drills" that ""went live" and involved "crisis actors."

“If this [Sandy Hook] were a drill that somehow went live, as we know that, for example, 9/11 and 7/7/05 bombings were, then it would have involved actors along these line,” he said.

He said it is simply unbelievable that a steel-framed building could collapse in its own "footprint" from the heat of the airplanes. 

Tracy emphasized that he does believe children were killed in the Sandy Hook shooting, but that actors were likely hired to "massage the narrative." 

In defense of his stance, he said he was "simply posing questions."

He is currently a communications professor and teaches a class on conspiracies. Though he has tenure at the university, he is facing a review that could lead to the loss of his job. 


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