Audio: Pilot's Anti-Gay Rant Mistakenly Broadcast


A pilot for Southwest Airlines was suspended after an obscene rant about gay, overweight and older flight attendants was mistakenly broadcast to air traffic controllers.

It appears the pilot thought he was only talking to his co-pilot, but he had accidentally turned his microphone on, broadcasting his sentiments to air traffic controllers as the flight passed over Houston.

The Daily Mail reports the tape of the March incident was obtained from the FAA by the Houston Chronicle.

Here is a sample:

"Well, I had Tucson to Indy all four weeks and, uh, Chicago crews, 11 out of 12, there's 12 flight attendants, individual, never the same flight attendant twice. Eleven f*****g over the top f*****g homosexuals and a granny. Eleven. I mean, think of the odds of that. I thought I was in Chicago, which was party-land."

At one point, an air traffic controller breaks in to inform the pilot that the conversation is going out over the air, but the pilot kept on talking.

The pilot, whose name was not released, was suspended and underwent diversity and other training.

A spokesman for Southwest said, "We are committed and dedicated to maintaining the highest standard of ethics in the industry; in fact we've built our Company's reputation on the Golden Rule: treating others as you would like to be treated. The actions of this pilot are, without question, inconsistent with the professional behavior and overall respect that we require from our Employees."

Here is the tape. Be advised, it is unedited, so if you don't like foul, offensive language, you may not want to listen:


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