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Bizarre Police Audio: Florida Man Calmly Calls 911 Before Drowning?

Talk about a strange tale. A driver, who lost control of his pickup truck and landed in a retention pond, dialed 911 for help before he drowned. But if you listen to the audio, it seems the man had more than enough time to 'escape' his vehicle. In fact, he didn't sound in trouble at all.

So what exactly happened? The Florida Highway Patrol want to know as well. On Wednesday, they were investigating how 22-year-old Umberto Delgado Jr. ended up in the retention pond located off a highway exit ramp in the Orlando suburb of Ocoee.

During Tuesday night's phone call, Delgado was able to tell the dispatcher his location, what happened to him and said he was worried his truck would sink. He then told the dispatcher that he was trying to get out before the call ended.

Fast forward to the grim result, where Delgado was pronounced dead by Orlando Fire Department divers, who found him in his submerged pickup truck.



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