Audio: Dog the Bounty Hunter's Son-In-Law Accused of Child Abuse

A&E TV reality star Dog The Bounty Hunter has been given custody of his nine-year-old grandson after a graphic audio recording (below) surfaced of the little boy, Travis Mimms Jr., allegedly being beaten by his father Travis Mimms Sr. (highlighted in the below picture).

A judge ruled that Mimms Jr. should be placed into Duane Chapman's (Dog The Bounty Hunter's real name) temporary custody after reviewing the taped evidence.

A neighbor reportedly called police after making the tape which allegedly records the child being struck 13 times. Chapman was said to be "shocked and heartbroke" over the allegations that his son-in-law abused his grandson.

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On the audio recording (below), a man's voice says: "Bend over, bend the f**k over. You know what to do." What follows are the sounds of an apparent beating as the child cries: "No more daddy, please."

Police removed the child from the custody of his father and handed him over to Chapman on October 21.

Chapman told Radaronline.com: "I was shocked and heartbroken to hear the recent reports of abuse of my grandson by his father, Travis Mimms, Sr. I know Travis Sr. loves his son, and I know it's very difficult to be a single parent at such a young age, but I love my grandson and only want what's best for him."

"During the last phone call I had with my daughter, Barbara Katie, she said to me, 'Please, daddy, take care of Travis Jr.  Don't ever let anything happen to him.' To hear the audiotape of my grandson being abused was torture. We all hope and pray that Travis Sr. will be able to raise his son with the love and respect he deserves, because it's in everyone’s best interest for them to have a proper father-son relationship."

The little boy's mother, Barbara-Katie Chapman, died in a car accident at the age of 23 in 2006, leaving her husband, Travis Sr., to care for the child. She was the daughter of Duane Chapman.



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