Audio: 911 Tapes of Ohio School Shooting Released

The 911 calls of panicked students during a bullet-filled carnage at Chardon High School in Cleveland, Ohio, have been released (audio below).

On the 911 tapes, one girl screams: "We just had a shooting at our school. We need to get out of here! Oh my God!"

In another call, a male student identifies the shooter: "His name is Thomas Lane. He's somewhere in the building. As soon as I saw him pull the gun and start shooting, I ran outside because I didn't want to get in the way of it."

Sophomore T.J. Lane has confessed to taking a .22-caliber gun and a knife to Chardon High School on Monday morning and firing 10 rounds, according to Geauga County Prosecutor David Joyce.

Joyce told reporters the 17-year-old will most likely be tried as an adult: "It's a matter of law in the state of Ohio. At 17 years old, committing an act like this." Joyce said Lane will be charged with three counts of aggravated murder "as well as other counts.

Joyce added: "He chose his victims at random. This is not about bullying. This is not about drugs. This is someone who is not well."

By the time the shooting ended, the gunman had shot five people, three of them fatally.


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