Auction for Natalie Dylan's Virginity Reaches $3.7 Million


Like most college students, Natalie Dylan needs money. But instead of getting a job waiting tables Dylan has come up with a unique way to raise funds - auctioning off her virginity. The 22-year-old began selling her virginity to the highest bidder months ago and claims to have already received offers from more than 10,000 men. The highest bid so far stands at a reported $3.7 million.

Dylan says that she'll use the money to pursue (ironically) a masters degree in marriage counseling, and while she knows that selling her most private asset will generate endless controversy, she's ready to handle the public backlash.

"I feel empowered by doing this. It's something I'm doing for myself," Dylan said in an interview with CNN.

Besides the inevitable ethical and moral questions raised by Dylan's entrepreneurial activity, many have wondered how such a transaction can be legal. Since the actual intercourse will take place in Nevada's infamous Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel, authorities have so far found nothing wrong with Dylan's pursuit of monetary compensation in exchange for her deflowering.

"Being that prostitution is legal in the area that she's listing from, and she's over 18 and it's consensual, I would defer it to local police authorities," said FBI spokesman David Staretz in an interview with Fox News.

Dylan has yet to give an official date when bidding on her virginity will close.



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