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Auburn Shooting: Cops Raid Wrong House While Looking for Suspected Killer Desmonte Leonard

Police and federal authorities have spent the last two days hunting for the man who is suspected to have killed three people near Auburn University this weekend. Unfortunately, while looking for him, they wound up raiding the wrong house on Monday night.  

According to an FBI spokesperson (via Reuters), late last night, police and FBI fired tear-gas cartridges into a house that they thought belonged to the prime suspect in Saturday’s shootings, Desmonte Leonard. Except the house didn’t belong to 22-year-old Leonard – it actually belonged to an innocent third party who just happened to live in Leonard’s hometown of Montgomery.

The location "turned out not to be correct," FBI spokesman Douglas Astralaga said on Tuesday morning.

Leonard is believed to have been involved in the murders of two former Auburn University football players -- Ladarious Phillips and Edward Christian -- and a third Auburn resident who happened to be nearby. Three others were also wounded in the shooting.

At the moment, authorities don’t believe that the incident was in any way related to the deceased having a past involvement with the Auburn football team.

According to CBS, Leonard has been arrested twice before -- in 2008 and 2009 -- on gun-related charges.

(Kudos Reuters, CBS)

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