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Attorney for Trayvon Martin Family Says Trayvon Is Not the One On Trial

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Circuit Judge Debra Nelson recently ruled against revealing certain leaked information during the Trayvon Martin case jury selection. When asked if this was the right move, the Martin family attorney insisted that it was because Trayvon is not the one on trial.

The information, including Martin’s marijuana use, his boasts of fighting and a photo of him with a gun in hand, are all pieces of evidence the defense plans to use in describing Martin as a threatening character.

Rather than focusing on those leaks, the Martin family hopes the case will be decided by information presented within the courtroom and the facts from the night Trayvon was killed.

Victim blaming is the primary concern for Martin family attorney, Ben Crump, at the moment. When Fox News commentator and former NYPD detective, Harry Houck, blamed Trayvon’s death on his “street attitude,” Crump lashed out.

“This comment is reprehensible, and extremely reminiscent of the victim-blaming rhetoric we saw a year ago,” Crump said.

The information leaked thus far has made jury selection even more difficult, given that many potential jurors have heard something of the case by now. It is especially important that selected jurors aren’t politicizing their judgments.

“That’s going to be an issue,” Crump said.

Sources: Fox News, The Huffington Post


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