"Unnecessary" Gun Bill Heads to Maryland Senate


Yesterday, the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee voted 6 to 5 to send Senate Bill 161 to the Senate floor for debate and consideration. SB 161 is a perennial bill by anti-gun legislators in Maryland which would impose unnecessary hurdles in an attempt to dissuade people from filing for a state-regulated firearms dealer’s license.

Sponsored by state Senator Brian Frosh, SB 161 would allow the Secretary of State Police (or designee) to reject the state-regulated firearms dealer’s license application if it is determined that someone whose license was previously suspended or revoked is involved.  It would also unnecessarily duplicate recordkeeping and other requirements that have been in place at the federal level since 1968. Several provisions of SB 161 unnecessarily and redundantly mirror aspects already illegal under federal law and where it does not mirror federal law, it imposes restrictions significantly greater than those already in place.  

This legislation would give the Secretary of State Police almost limitless discretionary power to determine the method and storage of record keeping, as well as require any licensee to turn over the required information at any time and without reason. Granting the Maryland State Police unfettered access to dealer's records when not in the course of a criminal investigation is unnecessary and overly intrusive.

Please contact your state Senator today and respectfully urge him or her to oppose SB 161 when it comes up on the floor. To locate your state Senator and their contact information, please click here.


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