Attack During Home Invasion Captured On Security Camera (Video)


Security footage (below) captured the terrifying moment a 21-year-old woman was attacked in her home.

Katie O’Connor, of Overly Park, Kansas, said she invited a friend to her apartment on May 12 to look at some carpentry tools she was selling, reports KCTV.

“I told her I was trying to sell them, and she was like, 'Oh, I might know a couple of guys looking to open their own business,'" she said. When they arrived, O’Connor quickly realized the men were there to rob her.

In the security footage, the woman, whom O’Connor considered to be a friend — the two often having conversations about their children and school plans — was seen pacing around the apartment while the two men appear to attack her and attempt to steal from her. One of the men placed her in a chokehold, she says.

“As soon as he put his arm around my neck, I was like, 'oh (expletive), this is really happening. This is really going on,” she said. The men ultimately stole money that O’Connor set aside for college tuition, the carpentry tools and a safe. What was left, were hidden cameras she had purchased a few months ago, after she hired a new nanny, reports LiveLeak.

“I have nanny cams from March because I had a nanny I was kind of worried about. It goes to my phone. I can watch it live, and it records, and I can watch it on any computer ... my phone as long as I have Wi-Fi," O’Connor said. “I just feel dumb for letting them in my house."

Police are investigating the invasion, and attempting to identify the thieves.

Sources: KCTV, LiveLeak

Photo Credit: Screen Capture via KCTV


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