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AT&T Union Workers To Strike Against Offshoring Of Jobs

Representing AT&T workers, the West Coast division of the Communications Workers of America on Dec. 16 protested against the telecommunication giant's move to reduce health care benefits and outsource job posts to other nations.

The District 9 regional unit of the labor organization protested in San Diego on Dec. 16, Fierce Telecom reports. 

In a statement, the CWA said AT&T has outsourced thousands of jobs to Mexico, India, Jamaica, the Philippines and other countries. The union further complains some technicians are being made to work overtime with no advance notice, for several days and weeks.   

The telecommunications company is also aiming to shift more health care costs to employees.

“The company is also short-changing customers and communities by failing to meet minimum regulatory standards and charging customers more for basic services,” CWA said in the statement. “Despite the financial success, the company is asking its workers to do more for less -- keeping them from their families with unpredictable overtime, undercutting pay and advancement, offshoring good jobs, and pushing more healthcare costs onto employees."

The complaints of the 15,000 CWA-represented AT&T workers in California and Nevada are similar to those the union has with Verizon. 

CWA workers and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers went on strike in 2016 when talks to negotiate an agreement with Verizon failed. 

In the meantime, talks over AT&T's contracts with the California and Nevada workers "are breaking down" and "workers have already voted to go on strike," said the CWA. 

AT&T workers have not gone on strike yet. 

The company, in the meantime, is denying problems with its employees. 

"We’re proud to be one of the largest employers in the U.S. and the country’s largest employer of full-time union labor," said AT&T, DSL reports. 

"We provide excellent union careers with very competitive wages and benefits, and we provide more of them than anyone else in the country."

Sources: DSL Reports, Fierce Telecom / Photo credit: CWA Union

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