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Atlantic City Hotel Security Guards Beat Guests, Caught on Video

Several guests of the Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, N.J., claim they were beaten by hotel security guards, and the hotel's own security video appears to back them up.

“It was miserable. It was absolutely miserable,” Renee Binns told ABC News (below).

Surveillance video shows hotel security guards surrounding Binns, her husband and their 17-year-old daughter, throwing them to the floor and dragging them.

Another Harrah’s guest, Sean Oaks, told ABC News that a hotel security guard checked his driver's license to make sure he was old enough to enter a party. But when the guard started twisting up the license, Oaks objected.

"A whole gang of people jumped on me and piled on and kicked me and hit me in the back of the head," Oaks recalled. "They were whaling on me. And it was just this shock of force that came down out of nowhere.”

Atlantic City Police Officers Donnel Holland and Kevin Sketers worked as part-time security guards at Harrah's when they allegedly beat guest Rob Coney, reports the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Coney claims that Holland smashed him on the head with a baton, and continued beating him after he fell on the floor. That's when even more security guards reportedly beat Coney until he passed out.

The Binns family, Oaks and Coney have filed a lawsuit against Harrah’s Resort.

“No sane person can explain the conduct that we see in those videos,” Paul D’Amato, one of the lawyers representing the guests, told ABC News.

Neither Harrah’s Resort or its parent company Caesars Entertainment would comment on camera about any of the incidents to ABC News.

Harrah’s Resort released a statement that said, "Our security personnel are trained to use the least amount of force required to manage any particular incident while ensuring they are taking necessary steps to protect guests, employees and themselves."

Atlantic City has seen a drop in business over the past few years because new casinos have opened in nearby states.

Sources: ABC News, Philadelphia Inquirer


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