Atlanta Police Warn Of Craigslist Scammer Disguised As Best Buy Employee


Some unsuspecting victims in Atlanta, Georgia, were robbed after they responded to ads for new iPhone 6’s on Craigslist. The robber apparently dressed up as a Best Buy employee to dupe victims out of thousands of dollars, Georgia Newsday reported.

Aaron Willis of Fort Benning, Georgia, responded to an ad for five brand new iPhone 6's for $2,000 and met with the seller, who introduced himself as AJ, and agreed to meet him in a Best Buy parking lot. Willis handed over the cash and AJ went into the store to retrieve the phones.

AJ failed to return and Willis was told by other employees that no one by that name worked there, WSBTV reported.

The man known as AJ may be responsible for another robbery - another man claims he was robbed under similar circumstances, although in that case the perpetrate used a gun and got away with $1,600.

Police in Atlanta said they’re actively pursuing the scammer. Willis said he’s learned his lesson and will be avoiding Craigslist in the future.

Sources: WSBTV, Georgia Newsday Image via Georgia Newsday


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