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Atlanta Police Draw Guns On Rapper After He Withdraws $200K Cash From Bank (Video)

Rapper Blac Youngsta, whose real name is Sam Benson, legally withdrew $200,000 cash from his account at a Wells Fargo bank in Atlanta on Jan. 8, but soon found himself detained by police in the parking lot (video below).

“I come out the bank, I see the police, I’m walking to the car, I see one of them point to my bag like ‘him,’” Benson told WXIA. “They come bum rushing me at the car, and put me on the ground, put guns to my head, so I’m like ‘What I’d do?' A lady was like I’m not supposed to have $200,000 on me. I’m like, ‘I’m a millionaire. How can I not have $200,000 on me?’”

Benson said the police apologized to him, and added, “Where I come from we don’t believe in taking checks to the car lot. We take cash money.”

Benson posted a picture of himself being handcuffed on Facebook with the caption: "Look at how they treat a young rich n----.”

Atlanta police said the rapper and his friends were “briefly” detained over a “limited and conflicting” description of a forgery suspect.

Sgt. Warren Pickard told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution via email that a bank employee called 911 to report a man who was allegedly attempting to cash a forged check for $24,000. A different suspect was later arrested and charged.

“This incident did not directly involved Blac Youngsta, nor was he accused of committing a crime,” Pickard told the newspaper.

Sources: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Blac Youngsta/Facebook, WXIA / Photo credit: Blac Youngsta/Facebook

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