Model Found Dead On Bathroom Floor With White Substance (Photos)


Atlanta model Summer Moss and her friend were found dead in a Georgia apartment shortly after Moss' roommate reportedly kicked her out for her drug use.

On April 27, police responded to a call from the victims' roommate, who reported a possible drug overdose, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

When police arrived, they found Moss dead in a bathroom with her leg propped up on the door frame. In her hand was a purple straw and some unknown white powder. Two balled-up clear bags of the powder sat on the counter nearby, and police reported that they also found a container of blue pills and what they believed to be marijuana.

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Several feet away, Moss' friend, Katherine Green, was dead under a blanket.

Police are still conducting the investigation and did not comment on it, notes WSB-TV.

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Moss' friends and family have rallied behind her and set up a crowdfunding page on YouCaring to cover the costs of her funeral and memorial service.

"Summer Michelle Moss was a beautiful and vibrant young woman who was loved by many," the page says. "Regretfully, she was taken from us too soon ... Please pray for her family and loved ones during this difficult time."

By May 1, people had contributed more than $7,800 of the $15,000 goal. Many left notes expressing their support for the family and fond memories of Moss.

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"I am so sorry for your loss," wrote one couple who donated a large sum. "Summer was a beautiful, sweet young lady who was loved so much! God bless your family."

"It's been years since I have seen Summer, but the memory of her kindness and beauty remains," another donor wrote. "I'm so sorry for your family's loss."

Photographer Chucky Kahng, who met Moss at an event 10 years ago and became close friends with her, told WSB-TV that he knew she and Green -- whom he didn't know as well as Moss -- struggled with drug addiction. Though he said "a tragedy like this was bound to happen" because of their drug use, it was still difficult for him to process what happened.

"When you hear about someone like that passing it really does come as a shock," Kahng said. "It makes it harder to believe that they're not here anymore ... [Moss] was fragile, so kind, she was like an angel. That's the one word people use to describe her -- and we didn't expect her to become an angel so soon."

Sources: YouCaring, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, WSB-TV / Photo credit: Acid Pix/Flickr, Facebook, Twitter and Linked in via Daily Mail

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