Atlanta Man Gunned Down In Front Of 3-Year-Old Daughter At City Bus Stop

Police are still trying to figure out who shot and killed an Atlanta man in front of his 3-year-old daughter Tuesday night, as the two were waiting at a bus stop on the city’s northwest side. 

Family members told WGCL News that 31-year-old Dantavious Chatman and his daughter, DaKayla, were waiting to catch a bus back to their house. 

The two had been visiting Chatman’s mother, Veronica Tuggle, at her home just a few steps from the bus stop where the shooting occurred. The shooting occurred at roughly 11:25 p.m. on Tuesday.

Tuggle told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that other family members were sitting on the front porch and watched in horror as the gunman shot Chatman several times in the torso.

“They saw the guy walk up to him and start shooting,” she said. “I can look out my front door and actually see where he got killed.”

Family members who ran to Chatman’s side said they quickly noticed that DaKayla had not been injured, but it appeared that Chatman had pushed the girl’s hat down over her eyes.

They told WGCL they believe Chatman knew he was about to be shot and pushed the hat down so his daughter wouldn’t see it happen. 

“She was right there just sitting there trembling with her face covered up," Tuggle said. "She said, 'My daddy just got shot.’”

Chatman was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died. 

Police said they believe the shooter specifically targeted Chatman and had parked nearby, waiting for the father to appear at the bus stop. 

Detectives have not named a suspect, but told WGCL they are speaking to Chatman’s acquaintances, trying to find out who might have wanted to hurt him. 

Chatman’s cousin, Kala Parks, said the entire family is mourning over Chatman’s death but are thankful that his daughter is safe. 

“We’re really happy that she’s running around playing,” Parks told The Journal-Constitution. “We want whoever did this to come forth.”

Sources: WGCL NewsThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Photo Credit: Family photo via The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Channel 2 Action News


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