Atlanta Man Asleep At Wheel On The Road Wakes Up And Causes Five-Car Crash (Video)


A new video shows a strange crash that occurred on a highway near downtown Atlanta Saturday afternoon. A man was videotaped asleep behind the wheel of his Dodge pickup truck that was parked in the middle of the highway, causing a traffic backup. A WSB-TV camera crew had come across the truck and begun filming while they called 911 to report the parked vehicle. 

The video shows a representative from the Georgia Department of Transportation HERO unit arriving at the scene and waking the driver up. The driver appears confused as he wakes up and drives off, smashing into two cars and ultimately cuasing a five-car crash. 

Following the crash, the HERO responder attempts to accost the man, who is still behind the wheel of his truck. The man escapes from the car and slowly heads towards a nearby chain-link fence, which he jumps before running away from the scene of the crime. 

More information about the driver, the reason he was asleep behind the wheel (whether or not drugs or alcohol were involved, for instance) have yet to be released by those investigating the incident. The entire event was strange simply because it was captured by a news crew with high definition cameras, rather than the type of grainy smart-phone footage that usually serves as evidence in criminal cases. 

Fortunately, none of the individuals involved in the crash sustained serious injuries. The driver, however, remains at large. 


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