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Atlanta Guide Dog Dies After Saving The Life Of 4-Year-Old Boy

The guide dog of a visually-impaired Atlanta man sacrificed its life in order to save his 4-year-old son. Dave Furukawa has relied on Simon, an 80-pound boxer, to be his companion and guide for the last four years. As Dave was walking his son, Will, to school last week, Simon was able to push the young boy out of harm’s way after a car ran a stop sign. The car struck Simon instead and he eventually succumbed to his injuries.

“What people have said is that Simon either got up or jumped out, and pushed my son out of the path of the car," Dave said. "This is true loyalty and courage."

When witnesses picked up Will and ran him down the street to his mother, Simon went with them, Fox News reported.

"Broken leg, gash on his side and internal bleeding, but he followed home," Dave said. "Once he was sure Will was okay, he laid down."

Atlanta Police cited Calvin Armour with running a stop sign and failing to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk.

An Ohio guide dog organization called Pilot Dogs provided Simon. Dave will soon be receiving another dog from the organization although he has said that he will move on with the spirit of Simon.

Sources: Fox News, WXIA


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