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Atlanta Graffiti Divides Residents

Street art has a long history of causing controversy with its often subversive subject matter, and a new piece of graffiti in Atlanta, Georgia, is no exception.

A dripping, black-and-white painting of cartoon character Elmer Fudd wielding a shotgun and wearing a police uniform alongside a sign that reads “negro season” now adorns the side of a building that houses Allied Barton, a security company that provides armed and uniformed security guards, RawStory reported.

Residents aren’t sure if the piece is a commentary about the recent spate of police shootings against people of color -- particularly young black men -- or simply racist.

“It makes people feel unsafe, you know, uncomfortable,” one man told CBS 46.

A woman said she believes the artist is white.

“I don’t see why somebody would want to do that if he was being racist to his own kind,” she said.

Another woman said that it may be affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement.

“I’m seeing the police with a gun,” she said, looking at the painting. “And the sign says ‘Negro season’ which means that the police are killing the blacks.”

The artist appears to be whoever signed the name ‘MAES’ in the corner of the cartoon. The artist's intention and identity remain unknown.

Sources: RawStory, CBS 46

Photo credit: Screenshot via WTOC


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