Atlanta Couple Goes Missing After Going To Buy A Car From Craigslist Seller


State and local authorities in Georgia are frantically searching for a Marietta couple that went missing after they went to buy a car from a man who answered their ad on Craigslist.

Bud Runion, 69, and his 66-year-old wife, June Runion, arranged to meet Thursday with a seller on Craigslist after the couple posted an ad seeking a 1966 Mustang. They left their home to meet up with the seller, and family members later became concerned when they didn’t show up for a family function, and weren’t answering their cell phones.

“I believe one of [Bud's] first cars, if not his first car, was a '66 Mustang,” son-in-law Craig Bishop told WMAZ. “It's surreal. Moment to moment, I'm just thinking, we're going to hear something."

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Local police quickly began a search, with Georgia State troopers later joining in. Their aviation unit recently became involved in the search after authorities, as well as the couple’s family, began to fear for their safety.

“We are worried that someone might have done something bad and taken advantage of them,” the Runion’s daughter, Brittany Patterson, said. Authorities said that the phone number the couple called before meeting with the Craigslist seller traced back to a disposable phone.

The now-massive search is continuing to expand, as police grow more and more concerned. Patterson said authorities are prepared to extend it past state lines. “We need it to go beyond Marietta, Georgia, Kennesaw. We need it to reach South Georgia, possibly Florida.”

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Meanwhile, the family set up a Facebook page to spread awareness about the couple’s disappearance. It has garnered over 45,000 "likes".

Sources: 13 WMAZ, WSB-TV / Photo Credit: 


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