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Atlanta Braves Scrap Plans to Use "Screaming Savage" Logo

In light of people complaining about their “screaming savage” logo, the Atlanta Braves have elected not to use the culturally insensitive caricature of a Native American on their batting practice caps.

According to Yahoo Sports, the Braves will instead use their familiar class “A” logo.

“I like the selection we made this year,” Braves president John Schuerholz said. “We had a variety of choices that we looked at, some more thoroughly than others. But at the end, we liked this one. The fact that one person somewhere offered his personal opinion about one of our options, that was important to him.”

The Braves' decision is just the latest example of a major league sports team dealing with a controversy related to having a Native American-themed team name. The Washington Redskins of the NFL and the Cleveland Indians of MLB are also examples of other teams that have dealt with similar issues about cultural insensitivity.

Atlanta is only opting for the “A” now because images of the “screaming savage” logo leaked out. One of five proposed designs, the cap featuring the controversial Indian logo actually was advertised in at least one sporting goods catalog. Some have theorized that the Braves were planning to go ahead with the caricature but were also ready with a backup cap in case the public outcry became too much of a public relations problem.

Besides being a good PR decision, the Braves are also most likely helping the business side of the franchise as well by choosing to go with the classic “A” logo. It is highly unlikely that in this day and age many people would be walking into the Braves Pro Shop looking to buy a baseball hat with an offensive logo. Since selling team apparel is a big money-maker for major league clubs, the less controversy on a team’s cap, the better.  

Source: (Yahoo)


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