Athens Teen Grows Violent When Mom Tries to Get Him Out of Bed


One teen in Athens, GA, really did not want to get out of bed on Monday morning, according to a report by Athens-Clarke police. The 14-year-old’s mother tried to rouse him to get ready for school, which sparked a battle so dramatic that the authorities were called.

As the Athens Banner-Herald reports, the boy refused to get up, despite his mother’s prompting. She then threatened to throw water on him if he did not arise. He still refused, so she did end up splashing water on her son.

After she splashed him, the boy reportedly went into an angry rage, punching a window and throwing around objects such as a wall mirror and a large vase, both of which were destroyed.

An official at the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice instructed the police to press charges on the boy for acting as an unruly child, and also pushed for a criminal charge for damaging his mother’s property.

The official also told police to detain the boy and transport him to the county courthouse, where he would remain until a detention hearing in the juvenile court.

According to the teen’s mom, he was habitually late for school and had already racked up more than 30 tardies before the incident. The tardies resulted from his refusal to get up on time for school.

Medical website notes that parenting violent teens can be a frustrating experience, and offers some tips on how to cope. They recommend that parents control their own anger toward the teen, and try to uncover any sadness or depression that may be affecting their behavior.

They also recommend seeking professional help when teens are in danger of harming themselves or others. Warning signs of potential violence may include playing with weapons, playing violent video games obsessively or threatening other kids.

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