ATF Agents Lost 49 Government-Issued Guns In Five Years, Internal Report Shows


Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have lost dozens of guns over the last five years, even leaving some on top of vehicles and driving away.

The incidents are part of an internal report obtained by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Government issued guns belonging to ATF agents were lost or stolen 49 times nationwide between 2009 and 2013. At least two of the guns stolen were assault rifles.

The report shows two boys in Iowa discovered an ATF gun in a storm drain. The agent it belonged to hadn’t even reported it missing.

In 2011, an agent went to a Los Angeles bar and had four drinks. The next morning he woke up and realized his ATF-issued Glock was gone. It was never found.

Two incidents occurred because an agent left a gun on the roof of a car and drove away.

A North Dakota agent put his gun on his car and forgot about it. His daughter then drover his car to a friend’s house. The gun was never recovered.

An Illinois agent dropped off his children at a soccer game and forgot his Smith & Wesson revolver on the roof of his car. It was later found on an interstate off-ramp.

A Houston agent in 2008 lost his gun and didn’t realize it for a week. It was not found.

The names of the agents are redacted from the report.

A spokeswoman told the Journal Sentinel that it is the agent’s responsibility to secure their own guns.

Sources: Fox News, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


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