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Astronaut Terry Virts Posts Incredible Picture Of Spacewalker On ISS (Photo)

As astronaut Terry Virts and his companions made their way out onto the International Space Station for the third time in just over a week to rig new docking spots, the flight engineer posted a picture on Twitter and challenged the Internet to locate his fellow spacewalker in the incredible image.

Terry Virts, an ISS flight engineer, posted a picture of the space station during the crew’s third spacewalk in eight days on Sunday with the caption: “Can you spot the space walker in this picture? He's very small compared to the enormous starboard truss of the #ISS.”

The photo itself is gorgeous, and while it may be difficult to spot the astronaut at first, it does eventually become clear. Station commander Barry “Butch” Wilmore is just barely visible as he walks atop the International Space Station.

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In addition to his challenge, Virts posted a selfie with the caption, “Mission Accomplished - three #spacewalks, 800' of cable, four antennas, three laser reflectors, one greased robotic arm.”

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The mission that the astronauts were completing involved preparing docking stations for new spaceships developed by SpaceX and Boeing, and the preparation included installing over 400 feet of cabling.

While the mission was a success, not everything went exactly as planned. Reports say that Wilmore’s suit experienced mechanical issues right before Sunday’s spacewalk, but in the end, Mission Control informed the commander that he would just need to pay more attention to how his suit felt during the mission. Additionally, a small amount of water apparently got into Virts’ helmet at one point, but mission commentator Daniel Huot reportedly said it was “no issue to crew safety.”

All in all, the mission, which was supposed to last seven hours, was completed after just five and a half hours.

Sources: Daily Mail, RT / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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