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Man With Asthma Dies After Alleged Excessive Force By Police

Shortly after his arrest, a 30-year-old Mississippi man was declared dead at a hospital. With his family upset, many blame excessive police force as the culprit, reports the Daily Mail.

Troy Goode, a chemical engineer, and his wife Kelli were driving home on July 18 after attending a concert when Kelli noticed Goode’s “erratic” behavior. She pulled their car over to the side of the road, and the police soon arrived. The officials saw Goode "running from the area acting strange and not cooperative.” They then learned the chemical engineer “had allegedly taken some LSD,” reports the Daily Mail.

Tim Edwards, the attorney for the Goode family, told USA Today, that although "there was not any violent conduct, just erratic,” Goode was placed under arrest. Police then transferred him by ambulance to Baptist Memorial Hospital in DeSoto, Mississippi, where he died a few hours later.

While the cause of death still remains unknown, Goode’s family, along with several witnesses, believe the police were too forceful in their restraint of the engineer. Edwards stated that witnesses heard Goode, who had asthma, screaming he could not breathe.

“They hogtied and put his face down on the stretcher,” said the attorney.

David McLaughlin, a local attorney, was in a restaurant nearby when he saw the commotion. As he watched and recorded the incident on a camera, he became concerned for Goode.

"His legs were crossed, pulled back, by my vantage point, his hands were pulled back, and I think affixed to at least one of his legs," McLaughlin told USA Today. "He looked to me like he was struggling or convulsing or both. He appeared to be in distress to me."

Goode, who worked for nexAir, leaves his wife behind with a 15-month-old child. His family, understandably distraught, now wants answers.

“'I don’t know the cause of death, and I’m not going to speculate on it nor am I going to point the finger at this point in time,” Edwards said.  “This is a guy who was chemical engineer. He’s taken into police custody and he’s dead.”

Sources: Daily Mail, USA Today / Photo Source: Goode Family via The Daily Dot


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