Assault Victim Run Over By Cab, Bystanders Watch (Video)


A surveillance video surfaced April 21 that shows Marques Gaines being knocked unconscious on a Chicago street Feb. 7.  In the video, bystanders robbed and ignored Gaines until a cab accidentally ran over him (video below).

Gaines died at a local hospital.

Gaines' family members and their lawyers held a press conference April 21 to speak out on the incident, notes the Chicago Tribune.

Before Gaines was assaulted, he was in the 7-Eleven. That's when an unidentified man walked into the store but was then forced to leave by a 7-Eleven security guard, notes WGN-TV.

Outside the store, Gaines and the man appeared to get into a verbal confrontation.

A Chicago police pod camera shows Gaines being punched outside the store by the unidentified man. Gaines fell into the street where he lay unconscious.

Several people gathered around the 32-year-old man, and two men reportedly went through his pockets. Gaines' cell phone and debit card were stolen, according to his family. Numerous people walked by Gaines and did nothing.

The 7-Eleven guard called 911 twice in order to get help. While a 911 operator debated the guard's grammar on the second call, Gaines was hit by a cab.

According to the family's lawyer, Chris Hurley, the 7-Eleven's operator knew the area was dangerous and should have hired well-trained security guards to protect customers.

"The simple reason we're here is that a corporation that keeps its stores open 24 hours a day and invites the public in … that knows that it's targeted by criminals needs to provide decent, competent, basic security and that wasn't done here," Hurley added.

Hurley also called for police to do more in finding the man who attacked Gaines.

"There's a clear photograph of the aggressor and a clear video of him attacking Marques Gaines," Hurley added. "He hasn't been arrested, and we don't know why."

The family filed a wrongful death lawsuit in March against Chicago Taxi and the cab driver who struck Gaines; 7-Eleven was added to the suit this week.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, WGN-TV / Photo credit: City of Chicago via YouTube

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