Aspiring Rapper Jailed For Punching Pregnant Teen In The Stomach, Killing The Baby

Dusan Bako, 18, was enraged when a pregnant 16-year-old girl from Manchester, England, wouldn’t answer her phone. Bako, an aspiring rapper, then dragged her into a local park and punched her in the stomach, puncturing her placenta. The baby was starved of oxygen and died at a hospital a short while later. She had been seven months pregnant at the time.

On April 17, Bako was sentenced to four years and eight months in prison for grievous bodily harm with intent for the August 14, 2014 attack. He’ll serve his sentence at a juvenile detention facility, the BBC reported.

Prosecutor Mark Kellet told the court, “The Crown’s acceptance of that plea is based on the fact that this was a spontaneous act, a momentary loss of temper, an act of violence directed towards (the mother) rather than towards the (baby) itself.

"The Crown accept by the single blow, albeit targeted blow, he would have been aware serious harm would be caused to her but the Crown accept there was no intention to harm the (baby) she carried.”

The day before the attack, the girl had turned off her phone because Bako had been threatening her. She later agreed to go outside to speak with him, but after he threatened to cause trouble in her home, they went to Copster Hill Park in Oldham, England. The victim’s mother saw Bako dragging her daughter into the park and followed them.

A witness saw Bako grabbing the teen around the neck and punching her in the stomach. “He hit her like a boxer would hit an opponent,” she said. "It seemed more of a targeted strike, she couldn’t move the way he had hold of her. I have never seen anybody hit like that, so low down… The best way to describe the punch was like an uppercut, fist down, punch upwards.”

Kellet said the girl was then taken to the hospital, where she watched the baby's heart rate slow down. "In pain, she watched the baby dying before her,” Kellet said. 

Bako told police he hit the girl accidentally after her mother attacked him, before admitting the truth. “This was instant loss of self-control. He is remorseful, he wants to do what he can to make amends, even if that’s only the writing of a letter to explain how sorry he is,” said defense lawyer Peter Warne. 

Detective Chief Inspector Howard Millington said he couldn’t begin to understand the teen’s pain. “The victim has been very brave in supporting the police investigation and ensuring a violent thug has been brought to justice for his heinous crime,” he said.

“To punch a heavily pregnant girl in the stomach is as unthinkable as it is deplorable and I can only say that I hope today’s sentence brings some closure to the girl and her family.” 

Sources: BBC, Manchester Evening News

Image: YouTube Via BBC


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