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ASOS Slammed For Offensive Hanger Choker (Photos)

ASOS Slammed For Offensive Hanger Choker (Photos) Promo Image

Online retailer ASOS is in hot water after selling a controversial Hanger Latex Flamer Choker necklace that customers say glorifies "suicide imagery."

The choker, designed by a brand named Hanger, looks like a belt and is worn around the neck, reports The Independent.

Social media users were outraged by the product and its advertisements, which feature a model donning a shirt reading "hanger" with her eyes closed and her head tilted to the side.

"So disgusted with [ASOS] - it seems that in a time when death by suicide is becoming more common they attempt to make suicide fashionable," wrote one person on Twitter. "The pose, the belt, the branding on the tee - sickening."

"This is in poor taste," wrote another in the Daily Mail's comments section. "A former friend of mine hanged himself last year, leaving behind a wife and 3 young children. This is not helping the stigma surrounding mental health issues."

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"I do not get offended easily, at all," said one parent on Mumsnet. "I thought this was hideous, but together with the pose and brand name, isn't it vile and insensitive?"

"They should also think about their younger audience 17/18/19, not a good name or look," added another.

In response to the criticism, ASOS has since removed the choker from its website.

However, not everybody took issue with the necklace.

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"Think people love an excuse to be offended," tweeted one person. "Look at the brand, it has no links to suicide or anything of the sort. It's a choker."

"Don't like it don't buy it, they are acting like they are forced to buy it and wear it," added another.

"Nobody understands high fashion anymore," chimed in a third. "The brilliance is lost on the average person."

It's just one of many times ASOS captured attention for its products.

In December 2017, the online retailer left many scratching their heads after selling buttless jeans.

"Seriously though, what is wrong with clothes this year?" tweeted one person, echoing the sentiments of many. "Like who thought "yeah this will be the next big trend!!'"

Yet ASOS hasn't always been in the spotlight for negative reasons.

In June 2017, the retailer drew praise from thousands for not airbrushing a model's stretch marks.

"So impressed with {Asos} for not airbrushing the models stretchmarks," tweeted one woman. "She looks amazing!"

"Agreed," added another. "Its real and she looks hot as hell. Well done [ASOS] more should follow suit."

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