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Asiana Airlines Passenger Ye Meng Yuan Killed by First Responder, After Plane Crash

Video footage recorded by a helmet-cam worn by Fire Chief Mark Johnson, who responded to the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash in San Francisco on July 6, reveals how passenger Ye Meng Yuan was killed by an emergency vehicle.

Yuan, 16, was lying injured on the runway, but was covered by fire-retardant foam that was sprayed by first responders.

According to theSan Francisco Chronicle, two San Francisco Fire Department firefighters saw Yuan lying in a fetal position on the runway and assumed she was dead, however, a coroner later determined that she was still alive.

In the unreleased video footage, the first foam truck is seen driving away from the scene as Chief Johnson arrives and looks over the area where Yuan was covered by foam.

A second foam truck arrives on the scene and also soaks the plane with foam. Unaware Yuan was beneath the foam, the driver backed up and killed the teen.

After Chief Johnson directed his firefighters to leave the scene, another firefighter told him there was a body nearby.

When Chief Johnson walked over and saw Yuan's crushed body, he said, "My God."

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


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